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Melbourne Food Experiences was founded by chef and author Allan Campion in 2002. This selection of food tours and events are hosted in partnership with award winning chefs, restaurants, cocktail bars and wine experts. They are perfect for corporate entertaining, conferences, team building, staff events and functions or exploring the famous Melbourne food scene.


Allan Campion - chef, food author and founder of Melbourne Food Experiences

Allan started his career as a chef in 1979, working in kitchens in Australia, Ireland, England and Turkey... Learn more


@wendyonline @Melb_Chamb @Melbfoodandwine What a team. Lucky participants getting insights into the Melbourne hospitality world!
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The fast track to gaining an understanding of what’s going on in the restaurant, specialist food shop and café scene is Allan Campion’s Melbourne Food Experiences; a veteran of the city’s food scene, this former chef and author has found his niche sharing what he knows about Melbourne’s soft spot for eating and drinking. Which is  a lot. He gets a kick out of guiding the hungry tourist into places most Melbournians don’t know exist. ” - John Lethlean – The Weekend Australian Magazine.

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