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MFE is your entry point to Melbourne’s very best food tours, corporate team-building events, cooking classes, functions and private parties. We partner with chefs, chocolatiers, bakers, wine experts, cocktail bars and restaurants to offer unparalleled food and wine experiences.


Allan Campion, MFE Founder

Allan started his career as a chef in 1979, working in kitchens in Australia, Ireland, England and Turkey... Learn more


RT @chinchinmelb: Meet KISUMÉ, helmed by Chef Moon + Presland. Opening May 2017. Follow @kisume_au on Instagram for updates.
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Turn food shopping into an adventure and discover some of the hidden gourmet spots of Melbourne. Chef Allan Campion, co-author of The Foodies Guide to Melbourne, takes his 'food-bible' on the road, revealing his favourite haunts and divulging the latest in foodie news and views. ” - Tricia Welsh, The Age newspaper

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