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Gift Vouchers with Melbourne Food Experiences

FOOD TOURS / 19-12-2017

Giving an experience rather than yet more 'things' is the perfect gift for those we care about.

Our tours are brilliant experiences as guests get to visit and enjoy tastings at top Melbourne restaurants, cocktail bars and food stores. Guests also learn about the chefs and experts who have put Melbourne on the map as a global food city.

So ditch the crowds at your local shopping centre and give them something they will love and remember!

Gift vouchers are available for MFE tours here.

Melbourne Food Tour No 1

Melbourne Food Tour No 2

Melbourne Cocktail and Bar Tour

"Even though I am a local I visited Melbourne cafes, bars and restaurants that I never knew existed and Allan's little pearls of wisdom about each site was excellent. The small group setting made the experience even better. Highly recommend the tour to locals and visitors." Tania Deguara



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