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Cameron Smith

If money were no object where would you eat tonight - would you order?

Here in Melbourne, it would have to be Attica, Ben Shewry’s brilliant food as allegory, no ordering here, it is up to him.

Standout (affordable) restaurant dish you ordered recently.

A bowl of linguine with calamari, leek and potato at DOC Lygon Street. 

What was the best thing you cooked recently?

Cavalo nero gozleme with a Middle Eastern twist, thank you cinnamon and nutmeg.

What was the most outstanding bottle of wine you recently opened?

Nothing really outstanding but a recent bottle of Oakridge Pinot was light, savory and delicious.

What are the ‘can’t live without’ ingredients in your fridge?

Sriracha hot chili sauce

Favourite cookbooks/ wine books / food writers?

Mc Gee On Food.

A food store you wouldn't want to live without?

Casa Iberica. Minh Phatt and Mediterranean food store.

Best thing about living in Melbourne?

It’s Australia’s food town, full stop… Great to be a part of it!

Newest kitchen skill you have learned?

Homemade dolmades, yum!

Something people may not know about you?

I host the longest running food show in Australia- 25 years with Eat It! on 3RRR.

What has been your best job in hospitality?

Working on Bedarra Island in Far north Queensland. Isolated fabulous green jewel in the Coral Sea.

Where do you love in regional Victoria?

The Lake house Daylesford. Chris’s Beacon Point, Apollo Bay. The Yarra Valley.

Your favourite Melbourne breads?

Firebrand bakery in Glen Eira and Baker D Chirico in St Kilda

Where would you bring a visiting food lover?

Breakfast outside at the European. Then a walk around the Queen Vic Market, with a bratwurst in hand. Lunch at MoVida at the bar of course

Favourite time of year in Melbourne and why?

In the middle of autumn, Warm days, cool nights the colour of autumn surrounding us. Mushrooms on our plates and the first quinces for desert.

Favourite coffee spot in Melbourne – and your order?

Padre in the South Melbourne market, just a latte thanks.

Favourite breakfast spot - and what you have?

Pope Joan on the way to the radio show on a Sunday for a take away. I have the Pope Joan: bacon, fried egg, homemade H.P sauce.

Favourite ingredients of summer, autumn, winter and spring?

Summer: The first mango, berries and white peaches.
Autumn: Mushrooms, mandarins and quinces.
Winter: Brussels Sprouts (after the first frost to make them taste sweet), oysters are pretty good this time of year.
Spring: Asparagus, Morels (fleeting but delicious) and the first broad beans….

Where would you love to live for a year if you left Melbourne?

Japan. If there is one cuisine I could eat every day, this would be it as well as immersing myself in that fascinating culture that is Nippon. Understanding the old while celebrating the crazy bleeding edge of the new. It would be a good year.

Best recent overseas holiday and why?

Vietnam. The country is now united, but the difference between North and south are fascinating. The Vietnamese people are wonderful and their food so fresh, vibrant and healthy.

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