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Carmel McNally

If money was no object where would you eat tonight - would you order?

Taxi Dining Room – Federation Square. The Degustation Menu.

Standout (affordable) restaurant dish you ordered recently?

Antipasto platter at Rosa’s Kitchen – Punch Lane.

What was the best thing you cooked recently?

Have nearly cracked Pa’s Pork Porpetti Recipe. It is a family favorite and of course Pa never gave all the details!!!

What was the most outstanding bottle of wine you recently opened?

Holm Oak Cab Merlot - Tasmania

What are the ‘can’t live without’ ingredients in your fridge?

Butter Garlic Tomato Paste Wine

Favorite cookbooks/ wine books / food writers?

In The Kitchen – Allan Campion / Michelle Curtis.
I find Bill Granger easy to follow.

A food store you wouldn't want to live without?

Mediterranean Wholesalers Sydney Road Brunswick.

Best thing about living in Melbourne?

People have started to stand up for me on the Tram.
Not sure if they think I am old/pregnant or both!

Newest kitchen skill you have learned?

Before I think seafood is cooked – it will be!

What has been your best job in hospitality?

Being a tour guide – passing on information and watching people have a great
time discovering new foods and destinations.

Where do you love in regional Victoria?

North East Victoria.

Your favourite Melbourne breads?

Dench – Multi Grain / Phillippa’s – Sour Dough

Where would you bring a visiting food lover?

Queen Victoria Market

Favourite time of year in Melbourne and why?

Autumn - the light, the crisp mornings and beautiful days – pears, apples, soup on the stove, country festivals.

Pastimes (other than enjoying food and wine)?

Reading. Classic Movies. Time with friends.  Always planning the next trip!  Walking the Zoo. The beach on a cold day. Reading the paper by an open fire.

Favorite bar in town – and what you order there?

Gin Palace.   G&T – Bombay!

Favourite coffee spot in Melbourne – and your order?

Coffea QVM – Flat White – please.

Kitchen gadget that actually works?

Mini Grater.

Favourite ice-cream shop - and what you order?

IL Dolce Freddo in Carlton – Tiramisu

Favourite ingredients of summer, autumn, winter and spring?

Summer – Stone Fruits. 
Autumn – Apples, Mushrooms. 
Winter – Rhubarb, Parsnips.
Spring – Blood Oranges.

Where would you love to live for a year if you left Melbourne?

Gozo on Malta I have been there many times over the summer months and would like to see all the seasons, listen to the howl of the wind in winter that I have heard about and see the island green. I have never seen it rain on Gozo!!!

Best recent overseas holiday and why?

Fiji - hired a car drove along the Coast eating at local villages, spent time with local women. Fantastic carefree time with lots of laughs!

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