Melbourne Food Experiences has worked with Raw Materials for many years as suppliers of outstanding products, use of their amazing Studio Raw Materials venue and to create a selection of food and wine hampers.

The hampers feature the best ingredients from across Australia and around the world. They suit many occasions from gift giving and thank-yous for corporate colleagues, family and friends. We believe these hampers will provide you with unique food experiences. They also offer amazing value for money and can be delivered anywhere in Australia.


MFE Allan's Favourites Hamper

Allan’s Favourites Hamper has been specially selected by Allan Campion, founder of Melbourne Food Experiences. Sprinkle Bolero smoked paprika and Murray River salt on pork belly and lamb kebabs.

Buy $70 (RRP $90.00) View

MFE Taste of Italy Hamper

Italian food is loved around the globe as easy to prepare, family-friendly and downright delicious. Everything is here to make a large selection of beautiful Italian meals.

Buy $130 (RRP $160.00) View

MFE Thank You Hamper

This MFE hamper is for those occasions when a serious food-filled thank you is in order. It contains the very best sweet treats from the Raw Materials range

Buy $80 (RRP $102.00) View

MFE Weekend Hamper

The MFE Weekend Hamper has all the essentials for the ultimate food lovers gourmet experience.

Buy $115 (RRP $157.00) View

MFE Allan's Ultimate Hamper

Allan’s Ultimate Hamper has been specially selected by Allan Campion, founder of Melbourne Food Experiences. Crack the lid on a jar of Mrs Darlingtons Baby Onions and try to stop at just one.

Buy $120 (RRP $160) View

Sunrise Cambodia Charity - Home is where the heart is

Melbourne Food Experiences is a proud supporter of Sunrise Cambodia, a most amazing charity helping the children of Cambodia.

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